when you connect the handset to the pc for the 1st time, as in the instruction book, you need to click on the 'get user' button to save the settings.

you can reprogramme the tx.

you will need to go to www.silabs.com and type in the search box 'cp210x'. when the list appears,download the correct file for what your pc runs on either windows7 or windows xp are preferred..

install this on your pc WITHOUT any copterx leads plugged in. when completed.plug in the lead and install the 't6config' programme from your model or from a website www.ky-model.com. BE CAREFUL HERE AS THERE ARE SOME RUDE WEBSITES WITH VERY SIMILAR NAMES. DO NOT CLICK ON THESE.

once on the website,click on 'support' then under 'software' find the 'copterx cx-ct6A6' and run the program.

once in the program in the settings,select either com-port which will work from your tx,as you will see the bars on the screen moving. click on 'get user',this will then lock the tx or the pc.

click on stick and select model 2 and save.

disconnect the motor from the heli and then test the functions on the tx to make sure they are operating the correct movements from the tx.