You’ll see that all the radio controlled aeroplanes and some helicopters in our range are described as RTF or Ready to Fly, but what, exactly does RTF mean? Well it means, they’re the perfect model for someone who just wants to fly a model, without weeks of construction and building from basic components.

However even with a ready to fly plane there are still a few little steps that need to be completed before you can actually fly it. To protect the model during transit and to keep packaging and postal costs down the planes ship in several pieces and you will normally need to attach the wings and the tailplane and a few other parts before you can fly. In most kits any tools or glue that you’ll need are included; all that’s required from you is about 30 minutes to an hour to complete the process.

After you’ve fixed the final parts to your plane, there’s only two more things you’ll need: batteries for the transmitter and suitable weather conditions, unfortunately we can’t guarantee the latter!

Hopefully this explanation clarifies what is meant by RC planes and jets that are RTF or Ready to Fly.