The FMS RC simulator will not run on the standard Vista installation, or on recent PCs running XP (as neither have the necessary COM port) . However, there is a method of enabling it to run - this requires you to change a registration setting on your computer and copy a dll file to the FMS folder. If you are unsure about making these changes, we recommend you seek assistance from someone with knowledge of computers.

FMS Vista fix :
1. Install the FMS program (if you've not done so already).

2. From Vista, go to Start > Control Panel.

3. Double click "Add Hardware" and the Wizard will pop up (as shown below).

vista fms sim

4. Click on "Next".

fms vista

5. Click on "Next" again.

fms on windows vista

6. Click on "Next" again.

7. Select "Ports (COM & LPT). Then click "Next"

8. In the left-hand window select "Standard port type", in the right-hand window select "Communications Port". Then click "Next". Then click "Next" again and then "Finish".

9. Now go back to the Control panel, double-click "System", then click "Device Manager".

10. Scroll down to "Ports (COM & LPT)" and expand by clicking on the "+".

11. Now you should see the installed communications port marked with a yellow sign containing an exclamation mark (eg. Communications Port (COM4)).

12. Now open Notepad program and enter the text below:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


13. Replace the "COM4" with the number you found in step 10. Then save the file as "FMS-COM-Port-Fix.reg" on the desktop.

14. Double-click the icon on the desktop and confirm the appearing questions by clicking "Yes" then "OK".

15. Now you need to place the file "d3drm.dll" in your FMS folder. You can download d3drm.dll here . Click "save target as" then save to C:\Program Files\FMS\ (or the location of your FMS folder) .

16. Finally double click on the FMS icon on your desktop and the program should open normally.

See the FMS setup page for details on configuring the program for your transmitter.

Anyone making changes to their computer, does so at their own risk. We do not accept responsibility for any adverse effects or loss that may occur from using this guide. Sorry, but we cannot offer computer technical support.