When tuning your nitro engine, sometimes it can be difficult to remember what settings you are running. For example, during the colder winter months all nitro engines will need to be tuned a little 'richer' than in the warmer summer months.

If you are not sure,sometimes it can be easier to put the carb settings back to the factory settings and re-tune the engine from there. These settings will be a little on the 'rich' side so the engine may sound a little over fuelled and you should see some oil/un-burnt fuel being dispersed from the exhaust pipe.

Start the engine and ensure it is fully warmed up prior to tuning.

With the carb in these settings we know that we should only have to lean the High Speed Needle for good engine performance.

NB16T Buggy with a Toki 0.6 engine.

Idle gap in carb - 1-1.5mm gap showing 

Low speed Needle - Flush with the housing it sits in.

High Speed Needle - Flush with the housing it sits in.