A glow starter is a tool that you will need to start your engine. With simple finger pressure it locks on and off the glow plug. When the glow starter is attached to the glow plug (located in the cylinder head of your engine) the wire coil on the other side of the glow plug glows to ignite the fuel in your engine. 


1. Before using you may need to charge your glow starter. You should test it first to see if it has any charge in it. If flat the charging time will be written on the side of the glow start and after that you should only charge again once the glow starter has gone flat. If you over charge the glow start it will damage it.

2. To charge, in the same way you would attach the glow starter to the glow plug (see point 3 for details) insert the nut shaped charging end into the locking socket of the glow starter. Finally, plug the charger into the wall socket.

3. To lock the glow starter onto your glow plug all you need to do is place the glow starter over the glow plug and add gentle pressure pushing down with your palm while pulling the plunger up with your fingers. You should see the claws (locking socket) come out of the top of the glow starter and cover the glow plugs hexagonal body. Once covered let go of the plunger but still keep the gentle pressure down with your palm. You should feel that the glow start has locked on and when you let go it will be attached to your glow plug.


1. Never leave your glow starter attached for any long lengths of time. If you are struggling to get your engine started don’t leave the glow starter on take it off to give the glow start and glow plug a break and then try again.

2. If you suspect your glow plug or glow start is not working then you can check this by unscrewing the glow plug (if you have one of our glow start sets you can use the hexagonal wrench to do this) and attaching it to your charged glow start to see if the wire on the opposite end of the glow plug lights up. If it does then you know there both fine but if it doesn’t then either the glow plug, glow starter or charger is not working. If you know someone with a nitro model then it will be easy for you to eliminate each part until you find out which part is the problem part.