I am sorry to hear you are unable to start your engine. An engine not starting is almost always down to technique or settings

1. If you have our help DVD please watch this. There will also be many useful videos on Youtube on how to start a nitro engine etc

2. Ensure that you empty the fuel tank and replace with fresh fuel

3. Is the glow starter fully charged? To test take the glow plug out with an 8mm socket or wrench, this is included in the starter set if you purchased one. Then stick the glow plug in the end of the glow starter, if it's not glowing at all either your glow starter is broken or not charged or your glow plug is broken.

4. If you have a multimeter you can check the voltage of the glow starter. If you don't have one, do you know anyone with one?

5. How long have you charged the glow starter for?

6. If the glow plug glows but is dull then you need a new glow plug.

7. If the glow plug glows brightly then neither the glow plug or glow starter are the problem

8. Next check that the engine is getting fuel, cover the end of the exhaust pipe with your finger and pull the cord a few times, this will cause a pressure to build up in the fuel tank and force the fuel through the tube to the carb, if that doesn't work try blowing down the end of the pipe that's connected to the exhaust pipe, this will cause the same effect and is called priming the engine.

9. Pull the recoil starter with short quick jabs. Avoid pulling the recoil cord 100% of it's length as this will damage the starting spring

10. If your nitro engine still won't start check that the needle valves on the carb are set correctly, this should be last resort, if you don't have much experience with models make sure to follow the guide in your manual for your engine, usually the high speed needle (the one sticking out the top of the carb) is set flush with the top of the brass housing it sits in. If the engine tries to start but won't then try turning this screw in a quarter turn at a time. Also take your air filter off and look inside, the gap between the carb slide and the carb housing at idle should be around 1mm, you can adjust this with the small flathead screw with a spring on it just underneath the air filter.

11. If the engine is still refusing to start take the glow plug out leaving the needle settings on the carb, squirt a very small amount of fuel into the hole the glow plug screws into then replace the glow plug and give the pull cord a few pulls, if it fires up then dies down its most likely a problem with the carb settings.

12. If the pull start becomes very hard to pull then it usually means the engine is flooded. In this case you must NOT pull the start again until you have un-flooded the engine or else you will break it. Flooding can happen when your engine settings are incorrect and too much fuel is coming through. To de flood the engine remove the glow plug and tip the model upside down, now pull the pull start a few times to expel any excess fuel from your engine. Then re attach the glow plug and make sure your engine settings are correct

13. If the engine is cold you may need to open the throttle a TINY bit just to help it start. If the engine is cold you may need to pull the start a good few times, the trick is to pull the pull start quickly and consistently. If it is still stiff try unscrewing the glow plug half a turn and then when it starts tighten it up again.

14. Make sure you are using model nitro fuel and not petrol

15. If you have gone through all those steps it may not be the engine, it could possibly be the exhaust manifold.

Please remove the exhaust manifold and make sure the opening is clear all the way through and is not blocked, if it's blocked clear away the blockage such as any excess moulding. Here is a picture of the manifold part I am referring to:


As you can see there is an opening at each end so if there was a blockage in between the engine will not start.